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Trouble Shooting Pairing the Reticle Speed Mouse


Sometimes pairing the RSM can be tricky. Just in case you haven't seen this, see page 14 for basic instructions: http://osterhoutgroup.com/downloads/R-7-UserGuide.pdf

If you have gone thru this procedure and the RSM is not pairing as described, try the following:
RSM Check:
First, it's always good to make sure the RSM is charged, so plug it in and make sure you get a green LED after a while (1-2 hours). Then, once you unplug it, the LED should be blue, on steady, indicating you can pair with it. If the LED is off, the RSM thinks it is paired. It may be paired with another set of glasses. The best way to determine this is to move the RSM far enough away for other devices to unpair it (say ~ 10 meters). If the LED is red, it thinks it's battery is low, or it has a problem. If it was just showing green, and is now red, the RSM should be returned for repair.
Glasses Check:
On the glasses, go to System Settings->Bluetooth, and see what's there. If the RSM is listed already as paired, but the LED is still blue, then you should flip into cursor mode by pressing the rear button on the right temple (Multi-function Button - see page 9 of User Guide) and then click on the button icon on the far right side of the line where the RSM is listed as being paired, then select forget. Then, restart the glasses, and continue to the next step below.
If it was not listed as paired already, or you just unpaired it and rebooted, then make sure the blue LED is on, go to System Settings->Bluetooth, and click the button on the upper right of the screen (Scan for Devices?), and then hopefully the RSM will show up in the list of found devices. Select it and it should pair.
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