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Pairing Glasses with ReticleRemote


Pairing with an Android phone, you must load the ReticleRemote App from Playstore. Search for ReticleRemote (only it will show up):



Quick Pair App Steps:

1) On the phone, run the ReticleRemote App and click the "QUICK PAIR" button.


Eventually, a QR code will appear on the display.


2) On the glasses, at the Launcher, search for the Quick Pair App and run it.


The Quick Pair App will show you a camera view to locate and center the QR code displayed by the phone:


The App will recognize the QR code, and trigger an auto pairing; on the glasses you will be prompted:


Click Pair.


3) Back on the phone, you will also be prompted:


Click OK.

This should cause a message to be displayed on both R-7 and Glasses saying they are connected.

The phone will then show this interface:



Manual steps:

If for some reason Quick Pair isn't working for you, try these steps:

1)  Go to System Settings->Bluetooth on both the R-7 and the Android phone. (If you've paired your glasses or phone to other devices previously and these are obsolete pairings, "forget" those to reduce confusion while pairing the new glasses and phone).

2) On the R-7, optionally, you might want to rename the glasses Bluetooth name; click on the 3 vertical dot button in the upper right, and select rename. Then, select the top line with the phone Icon (It is the default name of the device as advertised on bluetooth - could be set to anything by the user). It will list it’s state as “Only visible to paired devices”. Click this line, and that state will change to “Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices”. 

3) On the phone, you should click scan, and then look to see the R-7 show up. Click on it, and then both the phone and the R-7 will prompt you to pair. Respond with OK or Pair as needed.

4) Then, on the R-7, back out of the Bluetooth settings, and go to system settings->Reticle->User interface and select and click “Enable Remote Control from Android Device”.

5) Last, on phone, run the ReticleRemote Android App (install if you haven’t already). Then select the R-7 Bluetooth device name from the Paired list.

This should cause a message to be displayed on both R-7 and Glasses saying they are connected.

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