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Using ReticleRemote


ReticleRemote is an Application that runs on a smartphone and provides a remote touch surface for the ODG glasses Applications, as well as other control functions.  This article is a brief description of what functions the App has. What is shown is the Android version of ReticleRemote, though an iOS version is going to be available fairly soon.

First, you need to install the App on your phone and pair it with your glasses.

See this reference: Pairing-Glasses-with-ReticleRemote


If you have already paired once, and are powering up the glasses for re-use, you must start up the ReticleRemote App on the phone and select the glasses:


In this case, the glasses Bluetooth name was changed to be the device serial number, so it was unique and easy to recognize. Touch that line to connect.  Once you are connected, you will see the following user interface on the phone:


There are 5 control buttons on both left and right sides of the UI. It is possible to turn off one side or the other (or both) by pressing the <<< or >>> button at the bottom of the column of buttons.  If you press the <<< on the left, the UI becomes:


which is maybe more suitable for a right handed person. By default, both are on.


Buttons and Modes:

The buttons do the following functions (from top down):

  1. Curved Arrow - Back button; has same effect as Back button on the right temple of the glasses.
  2. Menu - Menu button - has same effect as Menu button on the right temple of the glasses
  3. 4 way - Input mode - touch this button to switch between Selector, Cursor and Multi-touch modes
  4. Rocket - App Launcher for starting up an App
  5. Gear - Settings


Input Modes:

 Selector mode - up/down/left/right DPad events are generated via the touch screen

Cursor mode - mouse events are generated to position a cursor on the glasses display

Multi-touch mode - two finger scroll, pinch & zoom, rotate gestures can be generated


App Launcher:

Press the rocket icon to enter and exit this mode:


This mode allows you to pick from the Home list, from All Apps or Recent Apps and launch that App on the glasses. Great if you want to remotely control glasses someone else is wearing during a demo.


Killing Apps:

When in the App Launcher mode, Apps that are running will be shown with a dual circular arrow icon on the line with the App, to the right. In the example below, Facebook is running :


You can click and hold on the dual circular arrow icon, and you will be prompted:



If you click the Gear Icon, you'll get this view:


 which allows you to control various glasses functions directly (audio volume, display brightness, dual or monocular display), and to monitor battery charge level, WiFi and Bluetooth status.


Apps with Custom ReticleRemote Buttons:

It is possible for an App Developer to add custom buttons to the ReticleRemote UI. The App example shown here is the ODG Camera App:


On the Developer Site, there is a sample App that shows how to create buttons remotely on ReticleRemote from a glasses App: Sample-Application-that-creates-buttons-on-ReticleRemote-UI



To exit ReticleRemote, simply click the Android phone's back button, and say yes.


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