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LTE Dongle Support Added in Marshmallow

This Marshmallow OS release includes support for the two different USB LTE dongles. They are listed below.
The USB modem dongle must be plugged into the ODG Power Hub "USB pass-thru" port to provide LTE data connectivity.  See these references for the Power Hub:
Simply attach the glasses to the power hub using the mag to mag cable, plug in the modem dongle into the power hub, then go to:
System Settings->More -> Ethernet, turn on, then select the eth0 (Verizion dongle) or wwan0 (AT&T dongle) device, then select DHCP, then Apply.
This will cause a <..> symbol to appear in the status bar next to the battery icon, indicating the device has a network connection to the LTE dongle. Once you have enabled it, this persists, so plugging in the dongle will automatically connect and show the icon when connected.
The two dongles listed below should still be available on either Amazon or eBay. You will need to get a provisioned SIM card from the associated carrier in order for the dongle to be able to connect to the network.

Verizon MiFi USB620L U620L 4G LTE Global USB Modem

USB Dongle LED states:
  • single flash yellow (inital state)
  • Status -steady green (connecting)
  • Data Used - stead green. Status - blinking green (on-line)


AT&T USBConnect Force 4G Huawei E368 USB Broadband Modem

USB Dongle LED states:
  • solid red (inital state)
  • blinking blue (connecting)
  • solid blue (on-line)
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