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Share 3G/4G/LTE Android Smartphone Data via USB Tether

The R-7 ReticleOS includes support for allowing you to use the LTE connection of your Android Smartphone via a USB tether for your Internet connection. The phone must be plugged into the ODG Power Hub "USB pass-thru" port to provide LTE data connectivity.  See these references for the Power Hub:
Simply attach the glasses to the power hub using the mag to mag cable, plug in the smartphone via a USB cable into the power hub,
then on the phone, go to System Settings-> More (Networks)->Tethering to enable tethering on the phone (note that this will probably turn off WiFi on the phone),
then on the glasses, go to: 
(KitKat)           System Settings-> USB Tether
(Marshmallow) System Settings-> More -> USB Reverse Tether
and turn on, then select the usb0 device, then select DHCP, then Apply. It should show usb0 as getting an IP address and then Connected.
This will cause a USB symbol to appear in the status bar next to the battery icon, indicating the device has a network connection to the phone. Once you have enabled it, this persists, so plugging in the phone should automatically connect and show the icon when connected.
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