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The Launcher is the default start screen as well as the "top level" of the ReticleOS system. It is shown when the glasses first boot up, by pressing the Back button multiple times until the user reaches the Launcher, or by pressing the Back button for 3 seconds at any time.

Available applications are displayed in a horizontal row which is scrollable from left to right. The center-most icon is highlighted represents the selection.

The Launcher has two modes—Home and All Apps. The Home mode is a customizable list of user favorites or most-used apps. The All Apps mode shows every application installed on the system. The far right icon allows the user to toggle between the modes.

A short press on the Track Pad will launch the center-most highlighted app. A long press will display a popup menu allowing the user to Add or Remove the app from the Home mode, or close the app if it's already running. In All Apps mode, the apps that have been added to the Home mode are indicated with an icon.

The Settings icon is located second from the far right and provides quick access to the System Settings menu.

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