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Setting up WiFi


Setting up WIFI

 Connecting to WiFi on your R-6 Glasses is as easy as on a smart phone or laptop.

  1. From the Launcher, swipe right and tap.
  2. At the top of Settings page, tap WiFi.
  3. To turn on WiFI, at the top bar of the WiFi page, tap the OFF/ON button once, or until the ON button glows blue.
  4. Swipe through available open WiFi networks below, tap the WiFi network you’d like to join, and, if secured,  enter the password.
  5. Connected appears beneath the selected network when connection is complete.

Setting up Hidden Networks

To set up a hidden wireless network, you’ll need the name of the network and your Wi-Fi password.

  1. On the WiFi screen, tap the Plus icon at the top right corner.
  2. Enter WiFi network SSID and password.
  3. If entered correctly, glasses should connect to new network.

And there you have it. You are now connected to WiFi. 

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