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Transferring Files to ODG Smartglasses over USB


This is a quick reference guide to connecting and using USB with ODG Smartglasses.

How do you put content on or take video/pics off the glasses?  

Via USB is the easiest. Use the supplied USB cable is the Mag to Standard A USB (male) connector.

How do you get glasses to show up on a MAC without installing Android File Manager? 

It is currently not possible to use USB without Android File Manager on a MAC; however, iPhoto supports Camera photo transfer protocol (PTP) for photos (See below).

  • Android devices (including ODG Smartglasses) support Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), which is natively supported by Windows and Linux. On Mac, MTP is not natively supported, but you can install Android File Transfer App https://www.android.com/intl/en_us/filetransfer/ which then supports it.  When you plug the glasses in via the standard Mag to Standard A USB cable, a Android File Manager window pops open with the files/directories on the glasses exposed. Now you can drag and drop files to and from your MAC file manager.

  • If you want to switch from MTP to PTP, you must:

    1. Plug in glasses
    2. Short press on menu button (pops open system control panel)
    3. Select gear icon (extreme left) – pops a menu
    4. Select notification from menu
    5. Select “Connected as a Media Device”
    6. You should now be in System Settings where you can change from MTP to PTP.
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