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Disk Encryption Now Enabled


Full Disk Encryption

Android provides a mechanism to protect user data.

  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Other Data

Currently, Android supports encryption of user data and gives the option of providing software or hardware based encryption solutions.  There are trade-offs between the two that are outlined below:

Software-based vs. Hardware-based Disk Encryption

Software-based  disk encryption has several shortcomings.

  • Slow
  • All encryption operations occur in the software = power intensive
  • It stores the encryption key in the RAM, which can be dumped and searched = less secure

Hardware-based disk encryption provides certain benefits.

  • It utilizes hardware-based encryption blocks for computation intensive encryption operations = saves power & time
  • Hardware-based disk encryption stores encryption keys securely = increased security

ODG has implemented hardware-based accelerated disk encryption as a result. This capability has been included in software release v3.5.17

  • For Glasses shipped with v3.5.17, starting in August 2016, the user-data partition was formatted to enable this feature in the factory.
  • Glasses shipped before this time with release 3.4.5 or 3.1.12 do not have the feature, and even after an over the air (OTA) System Update.
  • To enable this functionality when updating from a previous software version you must first do a factory reset of the glasses, which will re-partition the user-data.

Click here for instructions on how to do a Factory Reset

Click here for instructions on how to enable Disk Encryption

Prior to doing a Factory Reset you must back up all user data and files.  Existing user data and files will be deleted when conducting the Factory Reset.

**Note that you must define a screen lock PIN before you will be allowed to turn on disk encryption.**


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