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How to Enable Disk Encryption


Below are detailed instructions on how to enable Disk Encryption on your smartglasses running ReticleOS version 3.5.17 or later.


Check ensure your smartglasses have been updated to ReticleOS version 3.5.17.

If not updated, download and update ReticleOS.

After updating and prior to enabling Disk Encryption you must conduct a Factory Reset

Click here for instructions. 

Prior to conducting a Factory Rest you must back up all user-data and files on your smartglasses.  Performing a Factory Reset will erase all user-data and files.

Note: Smartglasses delivered starting September 2016 are already running version 3.5.17


  • Go to System Settings-> Security
  • Go to Screen Lock and select PIN
  • Choose a numeric pin (can be a minimum of 4 digits)
  • Confirm it, hit OK.
  • Go to Encrypt Glasses
    • (The glasses must be mostly charged and plugged into a charging port)
  • Select Encrypt Glasses
  • Enter PIN (and then Next)
  • This text is displayed: The encryption operation is irreversible and if you interrupt it, you'll lose data. Encryption takes an hour or more, during which the glasses will restart several times).
  • Select Encrypt Glasses (again)
  • Little green man shows up, glasses reboot;
  • After reboot, little green man is displayed again, with Encrypting being displayed with the percentage complete.
  • Reaches 100%, then reboots.
  • Glasses do initial boot and prompt for the PIN (this is the first prompt for the decryption PIN)
  • Glasses continue booting up to screen lock key pad; enter PIN again.
  • ODG suggest you consider adjusting the Settings->Display->Sleep value to something larger than 1 minute (default) since you will be prompted for the PIN whenever you wake up the device after the display turns off.


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