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ReticleOS version 3.5.19


What's New in Version 3.5.19

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Highlighted Updates:

  1. Added Ethernet Support
  2. Reticle Remote: Fixed reverted direction in Motion Mode
  3. Reticle Remote: Fixed Volume Controls
  4. Imporved AppCenter Notifications: The app name will be displayed if it fails to install due to a wrong signature 
  5. In the AppCenter, the apk record will be removed from the Download Manager database after it is completed
  6. The camcorder mic has been changed to an environment mic
  7. The devices information will now sync to the System Update server
  8. New boot up animation

Application Updates:

  1. Updates to TrueAR and Calibration apps with the latest version of Vuforia
  2. New full screen zoom in and zoom out UI design and comps for ODG’s gallery app
  3. Fixed issues while scrolling through images in full screen
  4. Fixed issues for opening a photo from file browser preventing navigation, sharing and deletion
  5. Fixed the Gallery’s apps ability to copy and open 3D images


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