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Power Hub System


The Power Hub extends ODG Smartglasses run-time as well as adding USB peripheral connection options. The system is made up of the Power Hub, Smart Battery and Smart Battery charger.

Designed to be worn on the user's belt or clipped to a strap elsewhere, the Power Hub connects to the ODG Glasses via the supplied magnetic USB-to-magnetic USB cable, and provides power to the Smartglasses. Using this cable configures the R-7 to be the USB Host, and the Power Hub's USB Standard A female receptacle port allows USB peripherals to be connected. Use a USB hub if you want to connect more than one. Peripherals connected are powered by the Power Hub, and the Max current that can be supplied is 2-3A @ 5V.

Some Notes / FAQ:

  1. You can not use the standard magnetic USB-to-Standard A Male USB cable to connect the Glasses to the Power Hub's USB Standard A female receptacle port.  You must use the Power Hub supplied magnetic USB-to-magnetic USB cable.
  2. When there are no glasses connected to the Power Hub, or if connected but turned off, any USB peripherals connected to the USB Standard A female receptacle port will not be charged by the Power Hub, by design.

 See this reference: Power-Hub-System-Tech-Sheet


Smart Battery Charging: Using the standard magnetic USB-to-Standard A Male USB cable that comes with the glasses allows the Smart Battery to be charged through the Power Hub by plugging into any USB power source. Connect the Mag end to the Power Hub, and plug the Standard A Male into as high current supply (> 2A @ 5V) as available.

For faster charging, the Smart Battery Charger plugs directly into a wall outlet via a supplied AC/DC power adapter and charges the Smart Battery rapidly.


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