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Exiting QFIL (Vibration) Mode


Exiting QFIL (Vibration) Mode

The ODG Smartglasses have a deep rooted developers access to the Qulacomm processor (QFIL), allowing to conduct deeper recovery in limited circumstances advanced engineers or the ODG Team. 

If you find yourself in this mode, follow the below instructions to exit the mode.  The primary symptom while in QFIL Mode is the smartglasses will continuously vibrate.



1. Plug your ODG smartglasses into the wall power outlet using the ODG certified USB Power Supply.

2. While plugged in, press and hold the Power Button and the Volume Down Button (Closest to the Power Button) for >15 seconds. 

a. This will force the smartglasses out of QFIL Mode and into Fastboot Mode (an additional developers access mode).

3. Once in Fastboot Mode the glasses will stop vibrating and the USB symbol will remain in the display.

4. Press and hold the Power Button for >15 seconds to exit Fastboot Mode and power down the device.

5. Press the Power Button and the ODG smartglasses will reboot normally.


Alternative Steps:

In addition to the above steps to exit from QFIL Mode, you may press and hold down the power button for >45 seconds, producing a hard reset.  Ensure you remain plugged into a power outlet using the ODG certified USB Power Supply.



Do not plug the smartglasses into your computer or a non-certified USB Power Supply while attempting to exit QFIL Mode.


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