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Corrective Lenses (R-7) for International Customers


International Correctives Sets

For our customers outside the United States needing corrective lenses to maximize their use of the ODG smartglasses we sell a blank set to be custom fit to your prescription by your optometrist.  To purchase these corrective lenses contact us directly.


Building the Corrective Lenses:

Once the perscription has been completed by your optometrist follow the instructions provided to assemble the correctives:




Attach each lenses to the bracket with one screw.  Observe the orientation of the lenses curvature when attaching the lenses.

Note: Tighten the screws until snug.  Don not over-tighten the screws.


Using the Corrective Lenses:

To insert the correctives into the R-7 smartglasses remove the nose bridge and gently snap the correctives into place.  Reinsert the nose bridge on top of the lenses.  They will remain secure until removed by the same action.


Included Parts:

Item No.     Description          Quantity
1 Correctives Holder      1
2 Blank Corrective Lens - Left 1
3 Blank Corrective Lens - Right 1
4 Screw 2



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