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Updating from ReticleOS version 3.1.12 to version 3.4.5


Updating from ReticleOS version 3.1.12 to version 3.4.5

Upon the release of an update to the ReticleOS Operating System you will have the opportunity to update your glasses over WiFi.  When updating your smartglasses we recommend keeping them attached to a power supply. 


Follow these steps to complete a system update:

1. Boot Up the smartglasses.

2. Make sure you have a good, stable WiFi connection.

3. Check the charge on the smartglasses. Ensure they are at full charge or attached to a power supply.

4. Open the AppCenter app.

5. Log in (if you need to create an account follow these instructions).

6. Download and Install the latest System Updater app (version 2.0.11).

7. From the Launcher.

a. Go to System Settings > About Glasses > click on System Updates.

b. The System Updater will open.

c. Click on Check Now.

d. If there is an available version, it will list the version. Click Update Now.


*Completing the System Update may take upto 20-30 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection, including WiFi link.  A progress bar will show your download status.

Note: When you click Update Now, the smartglasses will power off, then restart into the Android Recovery mode (there will be a little Android man with a spinning tetrahedron in the display).  Once the update is complete the smartglasses will reboot and you'll see the ReticleOS icon while they boot up and land in the Launcher. 

8. Once you receive a message that states the Update is Done, run the AppCenter again and Check for Updates

a. Click on Updates in the left hand menu.

b. Either select the specific App you'd like to update or click Update All in the top right corner to update all available apps.

c. Once selected, you'll see the below pop up.  Click OK.

d. A small download icon will appear in the top left of the screen, indicating that a download is in process.

9. By selecting Update All you will update all available apps.  Once completed and a message All Apps Up-to-Date will appear.

*Updating the base apps may take upto 10 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection, including WiFI link.


ReticleRemote App

If you have downloaded the ReticleRemote app onto your Android smartphone you will need to update to the latest version to maximize your experience with the updated ReticleOS Operating System.

Click here for the Google Play store from your Android smartphone.



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