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ReticleOS Version 3.4.5


Whats New in version 3.4.5


Highlighted Updates:

  1. ReticleRemote - multi-touch & remote control of ReticleApps
  2. AppCenter App updates
  3. Miracast Support
  4. Launcher Shortcuts support for all file types
  5. Location Services -iZAT support
  6. Streaming, Audio, Browser & Launcher bug fixes



  • Added Support to make Digital Alignment information persist
  • Updated Auto Brightness Table
  • Disable entering RAM dump mode by default
  • Patch: Camera AF Algorithm change from EXUASTIVE_SEARCH to EXUASTIVE_FAST
  • Workaround for Wi-Fi crash and entering RAM dump
  • Fixed App crash when Extended Display is not available. Fixed make file.
  • Fix: ReticleRemote connection
  • ODG Settings: Disable iOS remote control setting
  • Fix wrong color while reboot and display on/off under night mode for extreme calibration duty ratio
  • Added GPS Files: izat.conf, gnss-fsh.bin
  • Remap mouse buttons on first-gen SAM when paired to R-7 such that back, menu, and select all have expected mapping
  • Initialize the Device Information Service (DIS) client before requested DIS UUIDs from BLE peer
  • Ensures propagation of vendor + product ID values to Linix kernel HID driver stack
  • Added OMX Decoder based SEI FPA parsing
  • Added fix for 3D video playback power button issue
  • Framework: Fixed ReticleRemote cursor position. Making sure it does not go out of bounds.
  • Implement new Launcher design
  • No screen rotations in R7; now disabled
  • Framework: Added ODG_BETA_BUILD_TESTER to turn on beta tester mode
  • Fix disappearing icons and Re-order launches Apps sometimes
  • Added HID driver for RSM, modified from original SAM driver. Modified default config to select the HID driver by default.
  • System Updater: Fixed to download after low battery
  • Add support for ODG Keyboard's button to switch back and forth between selector and cursor mode
  • Effect is to drastically reduce the amount it takes the RSM to re-connect
  • Show an icon in the status bar corresponding to the currently selected input mode
  • ODG Settings: Option to enable/disable push notifications
  • Launcher but Fixes: If a Launcher App is unistalled, other Apps on the Launcher disappears
  • Removed fastboot shortcut key combinations


Follow this link for instructions on how to update your smartglasses.

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