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ReticleOS 4.3.8 is Available


This release is available for over the air update now. It is based on the Beta Release 4.2.5, and was released originally as version 4.2.8.  See the release changes and features below.


Update Procedure:

Go to System Settings->About Glasses:


Select System updates, and you'll see a screen like this:


Select the Check Now button, and you should see what the latest OS version is that's available for your glasses, something like this:


except the version should be 4.3.8.  Click OK, and follow the prompts.


4.3.8, 4.3.6, 4.3.4, 4.2.8 changes:

Fixed R7 Camera capture fails issue

Added VAR build Config


Move hpMyRoom to first position on launcher bar

Update and enable Ov4688 sensor OTP library support

Fix concurrent modification


Setup Guide - Reduced the number of key pressing to hard reset

Reduced the number of key pressing to hard reset

Added HPE App

Recently installed apps will be added to home screen

Updated the crucialtec swipe and press test condition to reflect the latest changes made to the driver.


Bugfix: 2810 -- fixed to consume long press back key

Disable Audio Processing to address noise issue


Release 4.2.5:

This release has 90 bug fixes included since version 4.1.14 (see list below), plus some important new features.  The important high level features to note:

  1. Vuforia Support - Coupled with this new OS, Vuforia's SDK version 6-5-23 and later will now work. More on this below.
  2. Localization Support - the following languages are supported:
    • English
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Japanese
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
  3. WiFi Region Selection - allows user to select "region" which will then enable/limit WiFi channel usage, depending on location.
  4. Updated Setup Wizard - now shows current R-7 images and prompts for region

It remains Android 6.0.1, so Apps built for this API level will continue to work as before.


Vuforia Support Details:

This article describes the details regarding Vuforia support:



4.2.5 Bugs Fixed:

2203 Uninstall 3 packages after system update/sideload
2215 [Sunrise Web browser] Browser web site certificate verification
1984 [AppCenter Client] "No credit card found " popup window
2242 Web Browser can't display 360 content
2202 If one of the batteries on the device is not functional, battery status should be displayed on left/right display accordingly
1977 [Reticle Remote] Need UI to display volume control on glasses
2243 2 email icons in launcher after sideload
2182 [Camera2] Cannot open camera after long period of use
2035 USB Tethering not functional
2656 R7: Quick Setup - Wifi Country Code setup screen has improper grammar/spelling
2547 Certificate issue with APK delivery tool apps
2261 https support for system update on MM
2589 R7: Quick Setup - Crashes when exiting the setup after setting up a user profile
2743 VideoPlayer - Opening new video while video player is in background causes player to crash
2280 Video Player- Video not started first time user Allows permisions. Crashes after user action
2795 [Quick Guide] App exits if uses chooses time zone more than once
2607 Multi-function button can't turn on/off flashlight
2655 R7: WIFI-SSD - Region Country Code of a WIFI hotspot does not change the country code of the connecting R7 device.
2407 battery icon status still shows "charging" when USB cable 5V charging link is cut off.
2270 Gallery – Delete PDF and Video in Gallery prompts invalid message
2271 Gallery - Move PDF copies PDF instead of moving it
2273 Gallery – 3D images and PDF files are missing extension in item details
2275 Gallery – In image details for PNG, webP,Gif, bmp images, dimension always showing 0x0
2276 Gallery – PDF details – Date always displays ~ year 1970.
2277 Gallery - User friendly message not appearing when user performs delete by longclicking on album item
2278 Gallery - User friendly messages and progress loader missing when we copy image by selecting “settings” in Button bar
2284 Gallery - Item details should have item full path presented
2289 Gallery - If Camera opened from My Pictures, photos taken won't be displayed until user returns to Gallery root
2295 Camera - Flash is not working for Video recording upon initial launch even though is ON
2302 Camera - On screen indicator for Contrast is by default showing "Auto" which is not valid option
2300 Camera - Preview OFF but showing in corner case
2161 [Web Browser] youtube doesnot stop running in the background
2232 mail app: URLs not displayed as hyperlinks when reading mail
2297 even after deleting a user build still can't uploaded user debug build .with same build id
2306 Sunrise Web Browser - User can't create web page shortcut due to permission denial
2293 Camera - Panorama - Options (ISO, size and etc.) grayed out but editable
2294 Gallery/Camera - When we record with Timer On, in video details showing duration 00:00s
2298 Camera - Panorama image rendering taking too long
2299 Camera - Panorama progress slider shows incorrect progress
2307 Sunrise Web Browser - "Open in new tab" creates empty tab
2292 Camera - ISO is being doubled when image is taken
2285 Launcher - Application becomes unchecked when we are adding shortcut in Menu - Edit row
2287 Launcher - Once application is uninstalled from device, shortcut on launcher remains present
2288 Launcher - Shortcuts unreasonably restored once removed on Launcher and other one gets removed
2269 Gallery / FileBrowser- Rename folder in FileBrowser keeps two albums in Gallery with old and new name after Scan
2301 Camera - Focus settings not being kept in specific scenario
2337 Gallery - Bulk delete not showing any progress popup
2260 [Reticle App Store - Web] There should be a box to enter the app owner's name
2389 FileBrowser - Confirm button and text not completely in "Select Destination" dialog
2367 FileBrowser - We should be closing FileBrowser longclick menu when user selects some action
2360 Contacts - Clicking on "Cloud" icon next to contact and selecting Email app, opens Email app and not New Email activity
2392 Gallery - Album duplicated when moved in FileBrowser from one parent to another (potential Scan issue)
2388 FileBrowser - Unable to delete folder if it has subdirectories
2369 FileBrowser- We need to enhance copy/move progress popups to show actual progress as we did in Gallery
2359 Contacts - One email,phone or address deleted when user creates contact with two phones, emails or addresses of same type
2358 Contacts - Application crashes when user tries to add additional email of same type to contact (ie. Home)
2356 FileBrowser/Gallery - When item is renamed to deleted one, deleted item restored and original is deleted
2244 OTA from MM to MM fails
2246 Quick Pair not working with iOS ReticleRemote App
2224 system stops responding when adding a new user
2222 Alarm can not be turned off
2576 R7: Firmware Updater - Firmware will no longer auto scan when canceling a firmware update
2577 R7: Firmware Updater - Firmware uses the wrong peripheral build when attempting to pair device after a failed update
2666 R7: Firmware Update - Firmware will automatically be interrupted when pairing another device while an update is being performed
2667 R7: Firmware Update - Auto scanner will not scan for updates on multiple devices
2217 web browser:mouse cursor not showing
2349 Launcher UI focus not correct
2569 R7 Launcher - No Quit option on Shortcut ListView when app is running
2259 [Permission] Change the theme of the box when asking for permissions
2404 Telepresence app crash/cant boot to UI after KK to MM update
2156 [Gallery] Copying and moving to folder does not work for panorama images
2162 [web browser] add ODG website as homepage
2291 Camera - Application sporadically crashes, screen blacks out and not way to continue until device reboot
2296 Dashboard -Application crashes when there is not permision to access Microphone
2309 Email app: click on "Previous" during set up exit the app instead of return to previous step
2151 Default Video Player crashes before asking for permissions
2363 Cisco AnyConnect Client hits multiple exceptions
2361 System Clock - Crashes when user tries to click on World Clock
2207 [Video Player] Video Player crashes due to RuntimeException
2429 Localization support For R7 Marshmallow
2480 Duplicate PDF viewer on launcher when -> edit row checked PDF viewer
2237 Application not available when opening videos from file browser
2558 R7: PDFViewer - PDF Viewer crashes when opening a PDF file from the File Browser
2399 Add string localize support for Marshmallow apps
2654 R7: App Center - Password text fields are not hidden in the login screen
2479 [MENU] - Edit Row - when -> uncheck/check and scroll then -> check/uncheck
2258 Camera app:HFR60/HSR60 not supported in any resolution
2211 Mail app crash when typing on virtual keyboard(two time occurrence)
2189 3D Mode Issue reported by Wikitude



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